Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dragon Curve in Redcode

dragon curve in redcode

The Heighway Dragon Curve is fractal line than goes through a series of 90° turns, creating a pattern which fills a 2 dimensional space. The program plots 32768 points in 458741 cycles. The pMARS command line is pmarsv -s 90000 -c 500000.

;name Dragon Curve
;author John Metcalf

        width  equ 315
        stack  equ dragon+100

dragon  mov.x  paira,    <stack
recur   djn    dragon,   #15
        mod.a  #4,       direct
        add.b  *direct,  plot
plot    mov    >recur,   80*width+110 >stack,   ret
ret     jmp    0,        }stack
turn    add.a  @stack,   direct
        mov.x  pairb,    <stack
        jmp    recur

direct  dat    3,        width
paira   dat    turn-ret, -1
        dat    0,        -width
pairb   dat    plot-ret, 1

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