Monday, 17 January 2011

Revisiting the Dragon Curve

A few days ago I published code to draw the Heighway Dragon Curve. Here's a variation that's 3 lines shorter and plots the curve in 655360 cycles. The pMARS command line is pmarsv -s 90000 -c 1000000.

;name Dragon Curve 2
;author John Metcalf

        width  equ 315
        stack  equ dragon+100
        plot   equ direct+width+1
        first  equ 80*width+50

        mov    #first,   plot
dragon  mov.ab count,    <plot
test    mov.b  @plot,    #0 @plot,    direct
        div    #2,       @plot
        mod    #2,       test
        jmz    test,     test
        mod.a  #4,       direct
direct  add.b  3,        width+1
count #65536,   #1+1
        jmp    dragon,   -width+1

1 comment:

kenkeiras said...

Wow, this is truly coded art 0.o