Wednesday, 19 November 2008

nanoWarrior Issue 3

corewar | nanoWarrior 3The third issue of nanoWarrior has just been published, thanks to the hard work of S. Fernandes and Germán Labarga.  In this issue:

Exploring the Dynamics of the Corewar Nano Hill looks how the balance of power has changed and examines the interaction between different strategies.

Paper/Clear on the Nano Hill by Germán Labarga investigates the history and effectiveness of paper on the nano hill.

Optimizing Ripples in Space-Time by S.Fernandes describes the optimization process of a successful nano paper.

Enjoy the issue.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Mini Challenge #7 - Results

Neo's Corewar Mini Challenge #7 is over and the results are in.

Mini Challenge #7 - Part 1

In part 1, 6 players discovered a 1 line solution with 100% ties. In all of the entered solutions, the imp overwrites the wimp and the wimp's process becomes an imp.

Roy van Rijn and Rashnok found the following solution:
    mov.i #1, }1
Neogryzor and S. Fernandes discovered the following:
    mov }0, }1
And finally, Ilmari Karonen and I entered the following:
    mov.i #1, *1
Mini Challenge #7 - Part 2

In part 2, 5 players found a 2 line, 1 process solution with 100% ties.

Ilmari Karonen was first to submit an optimal solution. Ilmari's imp stops when it reaches the wimp and the process enters the DJN loop:
    mov.i }0, *1
mov.i }1, *1
Rashnok and I both found the following solution. Our imp overwrites the wimp and the wimp's process becomes an imp:
imp mov.i #3,*-1
jmp imp,{0
I also entered a slight variation:
    mov {2, }0
imp mov.i #3,*-1
S. Fernandes discovered the following. The imp's process enters the DJN loop:
imp mov.i #4, *1
djn.a imp, #0
Finally Roy van Rijn used his evolver to discover 58 solutions! Here are Roy's 58 entries.

Thanks to Neo for organising the challenge.