Thursday, 10 February 2011

An Early Description of Core War

Until I saw this description of Core War I assumed Dewdney and Jones were the first to use the term in the Core War Guidelines.

Core war is a game surreptitiously played by systems programmers on large installations, where a player's goal in each fixed time slice of real time is to propagate his program elsewhere in memory, while doing as much “damage” (read: clearing to zero) as possible at random places in the hopes of causing the opponent's program to blow up. The game of core war is rarely mentioned with more than a whisper, and thus tends to be lost amid the din of easier and less abstract games such as Star Trek, Adventure or Dungeons and Dragons
-- BYTE Magazine, July 1978, page 106-107

This brief description was published 6 years before A. K. Dewdney's first Core War article in Scientific American (May 1984, page 14-22).

Have you seen any other early mentions of Core War?