Saturday, 22 October 2011

Koenigstuhl Top 20: Where Are They Now

This afternoon I stumbled across a status report from Koenigstuhl, 03 July 2001. Curious to see how the hill has changed over 10 years I compared the report to the current hill:

2001 RankWarriorAuthor2011 Rank
1Pattel's VirusBen Ford8
2Recycled BitsDavid Moore12
3CombatraDavid Moore4
4Self-Modifying Code v0.11Ben Ford22
5Self-Modifying Code v0.10Ben Ford25
6QuicksilverMichal Janeczek76
7UninvitedJohn Metcalf88
8Recycled Bits--David Moore93
9Tuesday AfternoonJohn K W139
10Fire and IceDavid Moore94
11RecoveryIan Oversby97
12ReindeerIan Oversby141
13Three MusketeersRobert Macrae157
14The StormbringerChristian Schmidt133
15Am I alive?Christian Schmidt166
162 CrazyChristian Schmidt189
17Digitalis 4Christian Schmidt198
18Bigger BrotherPhilip Kendall58
19Liquid PaperSean McDonald109
20Origami Harquebusmjp49

Only three warriors remain in the top 20 while the majority have fallen 50+ places. :-)