Monday, 16 February 2009

Underload Interpreter in Redcode

Underload is a stack-based esoteric programming language designed by ais523. A set of 8 single character instructions operate on a stack of variable length strings:

:copy the top stack entry
!drop the top stack entry
~swap the top two stack entries
*join the top two stack entries
Sdisplay then drop the top stack entry
^drop then run the top stack entry
aenclose the top stack entry in parentheses
( )add a new stack entry

A combination of different factors make an interpreter for Underload an interesting project to tackle in Redcode:
  • parsing single character instructions is easy, I don't like writing parsers
  • handling variable length data can be tricky
  • no operands / no side effects to worry about
  • only 8 instructions, the size of the interpreter should be reasonable
  • ^ is the only means of flow control
The final code weighs in at a mere 79 instructions. Here's the final version of the Underload Interpreter. If you have any improvements to suggest, please leave a comment below.

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